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Meet Mary Sue.

Hi, I am Mary Sue Dahill and I do it all, just like you! I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, caregiver, community volenteer, and business owner. I have an abundant life like you.

I started my business in early 2017 to have the time, energy, and flexibility to participate in my abundant life and do work that I loved with people that inspired me.

But I quickly learned that wearing so many hats and keeping all the balls in the air constantly challenged that promise. It was surprising to me how difficult it was to manage everything without working all the time. So, I started working on how I solve this problem for myself.

It took a lot of research, time, and experimentation to select the right tools for my business that didn’t break the bank. I figured it out. The best part is that I not only had more time, but I also had more energy to focus on income producing activites that have grown my business.

When I shared my approach and digital tools with other business owners, I found that they were really struggling with the digital tools. Because most people don’t come from the tech world like me, they spent a lot of money, time, and sometimes tears on digital tools that didn’t work. That’s when I decided to pivot my business to help micro-businesses with streamlining their systems, leveraging the right digital tools for their business, and automating workflows.

Listen to this interview with AWE for more on my journey.

The best part is the impact that I have on my clients lives and their businesses.

  • More time to participate in and enjoy their abundant lives

  • More profits because they aren’t wasting money on digital tools that don’t work and hiring costs

  • Ability to scale their business because they have the right digital tools and systems to support their growth

To support these outcomes I am a proud sponsor of two women focused businesses conferences.