Escape "Overwhelm" by Automating Routine Tasks

There is a better way to increase your capacity and avoid the hiring costs and headaches. That is to automate routine tasks. I have worked in technology companies my entire career and our first step to increase capacity is to always consider incorporating new tools and automating work. There are so many tools available to small businesses to automate business process at a low cost / reasonable amount.

By automating you can delay hiring or hire for positions that will make you money rather than push paper through your manual systems.

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What do weddings and technology budgets have in common?

When I was planning my wedding, I wanted a small wedding because I wanted to avoid all the excess and cost of “big” weddings. I was able to keep the wedding attendee list to under 25 people, but I didn’t completely avoid all the crazy of a big wedding. That’s because no matter the size of the wedding, it is still a wedding.

It is the same with businesses. No matter if you are a solopreneur, micro, small, mid-marketing, or big business, you are still a business.

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Connecting after Networking Like a Boss!

Networking takes a lot of time, so why do you have a pile of business cards sitting on your desk?

If you spent the couple of hours going to the networking event and the awkwardness of introducing yourself to people you didn't know, why haven't you done anything with their contact information? Not only is it a waste of your precious time, those business cards represent missed sales, partnerships, or referrals. Yes, that pile of business cards is lost revenue.

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Avoid the Costly Mistakes of Starting in the Middle

“Starting in the Middle” happens because once the initiative is given the green light, there is a lot of pressure to start showing progress and jump from initiation to implementation. This results in teams rushing off in different directions before the project has been fully defined causing difficulty making decisions, poor handoffs between teams, and deliverables that don’t meet the intended initiative goals.

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