Highlights from the MAM Summit

Last week, I attended the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit in Washington, DC. It was a great lineup of speakers and panels. In my project leadership practice at MSD Advisors,  I work with marketing leaders all the time, so I’ve been looking forward to this conference for a while. Specifically, I wanted to learn more about what's new and interesting, where the challenges are, and what trends are on the horizon. The MAM Summit didn't disappoint. Here are a few of the top insights:

  • All the data we now have available to target customers can come across as super creepy. Tina Caye, Creative Director at Capital One, said her role is to figure out how to take the creepy out of personalized marketing and really connect with the customer.

  • The keynote by Meg Galloway Goldthwaite, CMO at NPR, on how NPR is keeping pace with digital innovation was very interesting. She focused on how smart speakers are replacing radios and how NPR is harnessing this new channel.

  • Silverline Communications & Excella's joint discussion on how they implemented agile methodology to manage a busy advertising shop was informative. I loved the take away that agile democratized their workload because they are now working together to deliver value to their customers.

  • Barg Upender's, CEO at Coglide, breakdown of the innovation cycle with AI and marketing was very insightful because he compared it how AI is changing our experience with driving cars.

The best presentation was by Chris Mumford, President of The Martin Agency, who gave an overview of the true purpose of marketing. Marketers must get to the heart of the message to be able to motivate and inspire a customer to take the desired action. However, Chris warned, that isn't enough. The message must be delivered in an original way, which will likely require significant risk to do the unexpected and be bold. He shared this while telling how The Martin Group increased organ donation registration from 50 a day to 400 a day. When you have a chance, check out the Donate Life America video they made targeting men between 20-35 who were the group that had the lowest registration rates. It is shocking, hilarious, and moving. I double-checked that I was registered to donate my organs.

It was definitely a worthwhile investment and on my list of conferences to attend again.

If you are a marketing leader struggling to get your teams and systems ready for your next marketing innovation, contact MSD Advisors today. We likely have some ideas on how quality, strategic project leadership can help.