Omni-Channel User Experience demands new ways of working together

One integrated experience across devices makes for a wonderful end-user experience. I expect and demand that companies take full advantage of the data and capabilities available to them to provide me that seamless experience across devices with one message. This HubSpot article of the Seven Outstanding Examples of Omni-Channel Experience describes why each of the seven companies gets the omni-channel experience so right.

I've worked with several marketing teams and have come to realize that implementing a seamless, fully integrated, delightful experience requires a lot of hard work. To make things even more difficult, implementing an omni-channel experience requires teams to work together in new ways with a very different focus that has its own unique challenges if a team is to deliver on the omni-channel experience dream.

The seven companies profiled by HubSpot had to overcome these common challenges when embarking on new ways of doing business.

  • Unifying vision and goals - To build momentum and buy-in on new initiatives like omni-channel, leaders may have an unbalanced focus - too much on tactics and not enough on the strategy. Or they focus on the big picture strategy and lack defining the implementation. Either approach can stall or derail the initiative.

Solution --> Don't skip the beginning. Take the time to plan and align goals, outcomes, and timeline to develop a shared vision of success.

  • Bringing everyone along - Cross-department initiatives tend to work in small cliques with the within their department instead of working cross functionally. As discussed in this article in the D!gitialist Magazine, that spells failure when doing an initiative like omni-channel marketing.

Solution --> Don't avoid the routine of team meetings and invest in a strong project leader who will facilitate effective conversations that will lead to success.

Solution --> For a program like omni-channel, leadership must invest in communication up, down, and out. The impact of a strong omni-channel program will reach far beyond the individuals on the team. Everyone must be brought along.

Companies that are able to implement a seamless, fully integrated, delightful omni-channel experience deserve a gold star for the user experience and a gold star for the organizational transformation that they achieve

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