2018 was about Connection & Business Pivot

I look back on 2018 and am grateful for the opportunities and pride in the continued growth of my business. This was a year of experimentation to fine tune my business value, marketing, and sales process. One of my focuses was to grow my tribe of small business owners, which led to the pivoting of my business.

Although I know a lot of entrepreneurs that have built or lead tech startups, I didn't have a network of small business owners like myself. In 2018, I focused on cultivating friendships and connections with women small business owners. I attended a lot of networking events and found that a few great connections are much better than a lot of shallow connections. First, I have developed a mentoring relationship who provides me with honest feedback, been there done that experience, and encouragement. Second, I have connected with several women with similar business focus. We have started to meet regularly and geek out on discussing organizational processes, operations, and productivity. We each have a different perspective, which makes it great to collaborate. Finally, I have an accountability partner to review goals and brainstorm solutions to challenges on a monthly basis. Being able to share similar experiences, learn from one another, and simply support one another has made a huge difference.

In talking to all these small business owners, I kept hearing challenges with working constantly, feeling like they could be more efficient, that their technology could be doing more, and finding the right support staff. The more I listened, I realized that these common challenges are areas I have significant expertise and more importantly passion to solve. After piloting services with a few small businesses, I have pivoted my business to solely focus on supporting small businesses get more out of their time and technology by applying my unique creativity and genius of creating systems in chaotic business environments. After creating streamlined processes, I assist in automating as much as possible and simplifying the delegation of activities, so business owners can focus on more important areas of their business or life.

To have a transformational impact on others, is why I started my own business. As I look towards 2019 and plan for another year of business growth, I feel that I have a winning combination of positive mindset, awesome services, and a tribe of supporters.

Here is to an awesome 2019!

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