Are you leaving your 2019 success to CHANCE? Simple system for success!

How are you planning to achieve you big 2019 goals you’ve posted about on Linked In?

I have met lots of small business owners that do very little planning on HOW they will achieve their goals. They "know" their expenses, so why make a budget? They have an established marketing routine, so why measure it? They have regular leadership meetings, so why track progress?

I get it, you have a lot on your plate. You know what you gotta do, so why waste time tracking it? Because it matters. As John Doerr wrote in “Measure What Matters: How Google, Bono, and the Gates Foundation Rock the World with OKRs”:

“An effective goal-setting system starts with disciplined thinking at the top, with leaders who invest the time and energy to choose what counts.” 

We all get wrapped up in being busy and let important things slide. We feel justified because we are busy.

Don't leave your success to CHANCE. Be INTENTIONAL and FOCUSED on achieving them. Here is a simple system to track, measure, and accountable to your goals. Make 2019 an amazing year!

 Step 1: Create your goals.

My big goal for 2019 is to work with 19 small businesses through my From Chaos to Clockwork: Accelerator program.

 Step 2: Define your activities and results to achieve those goals.

My activities are geared towards meeting the most business owners who can introduce me to my ideal client. I am going to achieve this through speaking, networking, and referrals. Not only have I defined the activities, I have defined a budget that includes revenue goals, expenses, taxes, and profit / salary. As a business owner, making a salary matters!

Because my actions are within my control, so are my results. There are NO EXCUSES.

 Step 3: Create both monthly and annual measurements.

We all know selling is a numbers game, so assigning a target number is a given. Here is my simple tracking for my activities and results. I am tracking my actuals by month, which is summed up in the YTD Total columns.

Tip: Don't over complicate your tracking. Keep it simple, easy, and quick.

Tip: Don't over complicate your tracking. Keep it simple, easy, and quick.

Step 4: Implement supporting systems to manage towards your goals.

This is what I love doing, which is why it’s my business as well. ;) For each of the actions, I have implemented the following INTENTIONAL systems to FOCUS on working my plan.

  • Set aside time on my calendar for each action area every week.

  • Defined the details of HOW I am doing each Action including creating template emails, lists of groups to speak at or network, topics to blog about, and list of people to talk too.

  • Created tasks in Asana for each Action with sub-tasks. I assigned the tasks and set dates. All of them are recurring on a weekly basis.

Yes, this is a lot of preparation. I have been following my systems for 3 weeks now and it is EASY because all the guess work has been removed, which makes me super-efficient.

Step 5: Work with an accountability partner or group.

This is something new I am adding into my system for success for 2019. There is so much research about about how accountability groups and partners make a huge difference. Check out these two articles.

Did you know that you are 65 percent more likely to meet a goal after committing to another person? ~ From The American Society of Training and Development

Thank you for reading this far! You have helped me be 65% more likely to achieve my goals!

Did you know your chances of success increase to 95 percent if you build in ongoing meetings with partners to check in on their progress? ~The American Society of Training and Development

I am participating in a group accelerator with an awesome business coach and a one on one monthly meeting with a peer.

Don't leave your 2019 success to chance. Be intentional and focus on your goals. You can do it! Use this system to make 2019 your best year yet!

MSD Advisors is passionate about creating kick-ass systems that unchain you from your desk and get you out into the sunlight! After working together, you can say goodbye to frenetic action and worry because your business will run like clockwork. You will reclaim time to focus on well, whatever you want!

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