Be an AWESOME Connector! Easy system to stay on top of your networking followup

What is getting in your way of being awesome at connecting with people?

One of my goals for 2019 is to be consistent and timely connecting with people I meet. Why else am I attending networking and professional events if not to connect with people? In talking to other small business owners, this is a widespread and common challenge.

After thinking about what was getting in my way, I realized I am approaching each email as unique and requiring a highly personalized response. I would wait to write the email because I felt time consuming. My initial connection request would be so delayed from the original connection, it was basically starting over. Since I am always looking for ways to make processes simple and automated, I broke down my challenges and developed an easy solution.

Step 1 - Determined the most common types of email connections I encounter.

  1. Email introduction and referral to my business or Interested prospect.

  2. Connecting after a networking event

  3. Getting to know a potential referral partner I met at a networking event

Step 2 - Figured out the desired outcome from each of these connections.

The surprising thing here is that the actions weren’t that unique.

  1. Schedule a breakthrough call or meet and greet

  2. Simple connection and request to stay connected through my newsletter

  3. Connect and schedule a coffee or phone call to get to know one another better

Step 3 - For each of these scenarios, I wrote email content that allowed me to personalize as well as standardize my message.

Step 4 - Surprise! There are easy tools with your current email to make this simple and fast. For each each email, I created a template in Gmail to make it quick and easy to connect and respond. Below are instructions on how to do this in Gmail and Outlook 365.


Enable Canned Response

  • In Gmail, click the Gear icon, then click "Settings."

  • Click the tab that says "Advanced."

  • Search the term "canned responses," click "Enable," and save changes.

Create a Canned Response

  • Start a new email by hitting "Compose."

  • Type the email you want to save as a template.

  • Click the three dots in the bottom right corner of the compose window, hover over "Canned responses, and click "New canned response."

  • Name your canned response.

Reuse your Canned Response

  • Start a new email by hitting "Compose."

  • Click the down arrow, hover over "Canned responses," and click on the response title you need.

  • Once the response has been pasted, check that you don't have duplicate signature fields.

  • Send your email.

Outlook for Office 365

No more excuses for delaying connecting!!

MSD Advisors is passionate about creating kick-ass systems that unchain you from your desk and get you out into the sunlight! After working together, you can say goodbye to frenetic action and worry because your business will run like clockwork. You will reclaim time to focus on well, whatever you want!

There is no better time than now to get started! Schedule a breakthrough call today.