Recommended Technology

There are a lot of technology options available to your business. Making sense of what is the right fit is tough. We recommend technology solutions that get work off your plate using robust automation and integrations with many solutions. We have selected these technologies because they deliver on our criteria.

Criteria for Selection

  1. The technology is multi-functional, which means it does more than one job. For example, one technology will be able to do email marketing + CRM + project management.

    1. This reduces your time spent managing lots of technology and should reduce your costs as well.

  2. The technology enables automation across your core business functions of marketing, sales, and services.

    1. This is how you truly reclaim time, because activities will be taken off your plate, and you will rest easy knowing things will be done.

  3. The technology must be highly rated. There are sooo many tools that it is impossible to know what is good. I am a sucker for pretty colors, adorable dogs, and cute guys, which is why I have a few websites I check whenever I research a new technology.

  4. The technology company provides excellent Support and Help documentation for the DIY solopreneur and micro-business. Before you select a technology review the Help documentation to make you can find informaton easily and instructions are provided in both written and video. Technology targeting micro-businesses offer online chat and office hours type support models.

Technolog that will Get Work Off Your Plate

Download our eBook on the best technologies to get work off your plate by automating those tedious administrative tasks. We don’t stop with reading reports, we take the technology for a test drive by attending demos, playing with these tools, and reviewing the help materials. When we recommend a tool, it is because we believe it will deliver on our mission to get work off your plate and avoid the high cost of hiring.

Here are some great books we recommend to shift your thinking about scaling your time and making room for what really matters.

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