12:00 PM12:00

MakeOffices at K Street

This is a Lunch and Learn for the K Street MakeOffice community.

MSD Advisors will be talking about how to Scale Your Business - Stop Working Nights and Weekends

Did you know that growing a business and scaling a business are two completely different things? When you grow, there is just more and more and more to do. When you scale, the objectives are to simultaneously reduce the hours you put into your business and increase your time and profits.

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6:00 PM18:00

Prince Georges Chapter of AWE

Mary Sue Dahill is speaking to the Prince Georges Chapter of Awesome Women Entrepreneurs about scaling their business by automating routine activities and creating an intentional customer experience. This is open to the public and I’d love for you to join. Register here and learn more about what we will be discussing.

The event is at the Well Spring Manor, which looks beautiful.

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6:00 PM18:00

Arlington Chapter of AWE

AWE has awesome events where they marry networking with an educational component. Mary Sue will talk about approaches for business owners to take to scale their time by using technology to do the heavy lifting. We will do an exercise that demonstrates the how defining a system and using automation will take the “work” out of networking.

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