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Power of Zapier to Get Work Off Your Plate

  • WorkAway Solutions 8001 Forbes Place #211 North Springfield, VA 22151 (map)

This is a three part series to learn how to leverage technology and automate your business operations. This workshop is hands-on with Zapier.

Power of Zapier to Get Work Off Your Plate

Smalll businesses can operate just like big businesses. One of the best tools to get all your tech to talk to one another is Zapier. In this workshop, you will learn how to use Zapier to get work off your plate and setting up a Zap or two of your own. Bring your computer and a couple of challenges you'd like to solve like updating your mailing list with newsletter subscribers, importing data into your CRM, or saving a Google Form submission to your Google Drive.

  • Take-a-ways:

    • Overview of Zapier and what it can do for you.

    • Demonstration of setting up a simple Zap.

    • Working session on setting up Zaps for your business.