Get Work Off Your Plate

As your business has grown, so has your use of digital tools. If you are like most business owners, you’ve selected digital tools that solve the most critical problem for the moment without a big picture view of your business. This creates silos between your digital tools and the symptom is the digital tools are not working well together and you are still doing a lot of manual data entry.

Which means… You are creating work that isn’t income producing. Yikes!

Once your digital tools are working harmoniously, you will have more time to spend growing your business and avoid the high cost (and headaches) of hiring.

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“Working with Mary Sue has allowed me to scale my business. I was in overwhelm and she helped me get off the treadmill.

Cyndy Porter, Success thru Style

The three key ingredients to get work off your plate are:

  1. Repeatable systems

  2. Digital Tools Strategy

  3. Automation

The Get Work Off Your Plate services ensures you have all three of these ingredients are in place.


Ready to be liberated from all the tedious, administrative tasks and grow your business?

Start with the Strategy Intensive. This two-hour intensive will change how you run your business and think of your time spent on administrative tasks as revenue killers. We will dig into what’s bogging down your business operations and holding you back from taking on more clients, working less, and enjoying the benefits of being a business owner. We will look at your current digital ecosystem, systems, challenges, and goal.

You will walk away with a Game Plan to maximize your time, tech and money that will grow your business.

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The Digital Tools Audit analyzes all the digital tools and automations being using to manage the operations of your business. We evaluate the tools, automations, and integrations to determine if you digital ecosystem is setup to get work off your plate.

You will walk away with the following:

  • Clear understanding of the gaps in your digital tool strategy that creates manual work.

  • Identify the overlaps in your digital tools that are over complicating things.

  • Detailed Digital Tools and Operations strategy to get work off your plate.

  • Assessment of your digital tools spend and if there are better options that could save you money or reduce your work load.

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Once we laid out your strategy and audited your systems, it is time to Automate to Scale your time and business. When you automate, you will get work off your plate that frees up time to focus on income producing activitites like relationship building, taking on more clients, and developing new programs. Maybe you simply want more time to enjoy with your loved ones.

Automate to Scale is customized to the needs of your business. We commonly automate and streamline a businesses prospecting, sales, contract creation, invoicing & payments, client onboarding, service / program delivery, nurturing systems.

Our focus is to implement digital operations that support your business needs and goals.

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Want to build your automation of your own and avoid time spent on experimentation?

The Work Smarter Coaching program is here for you. This program will reduce your ramp up time by 50% because we will teach you the ins and outs of automation. You will avoid the most common mistakes every newbie to automating hits because we will share those "lessons”. We will share best practices to create automated systems that will convert.

This seems great, but feels a little out of your league right now. We have the Unleash the Power of Your Digital Tools Program for business owners that to better leverage digital tools.