Managing Your Business Quick Start

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Managing Your Business Quick Start


Starting a business is exciting and you feel unstoppable. Once you start gaining traction with your services and dealing with delivering to clients, marketing, and selling to new clients, reality kicks in. The lack of systems and technology to support your business means you are working constantly and things are still falling through the cracks. What was once simple and exciting is now complex and exhausting.

The Managing Your Business Quick Start program will get you setup with the must have systems and technology to ignite your business and stop working nights & weekends. This program focuses on free and low cost tools that are just right for a new business building traction and needing simple, reliable systems.

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The Managing Your Business Quick Start program will help you setup the 10 Must-Have Systems & Technologies to get you to the next level of your business. If you have asked these questions and haven’t gotten a good answer, this program is the answer.

What’s the difference between my contacts and a mailing list?

What’s the best way to get paid?

Everyone talks about having a CRM. What is a CRM and do I need a CRM?

Keeping up with posting on all my social media outlets is overwhelming. There has to be a better way!

There are sooo many tools available to small business owners that it is incredibly time consuming to figure out what is right for your business. Many business owners simply buy what their friends recommend or the latest new gadget. Every small business owner has wasted

  1. Mailing List & Email Marketing - We will setup an automated way to capture subscribers to your blog or newsletter and get you setup to send newsletters.

  2. Follow Up - We will use existing tools in your email system to create template emails and productivity hacks to ensure you are following like a champ.

  3. Online Calendar & Appointment Scheduling - We will ensure you are making the best use of your online calendar and hook it up to an online appointment scheduler to eliminate that back and forth emails to find the right time to meet.

  4. Task Management - We will create a system to manage all the hats you wear as a business owner and a way to manage everything.

  5. Editorial Calendar - We will intentionally plan out your social media topics and setup tools to schedule your posts.

  6. Weekly Cadence - We will layout a weekly routine that will keep you focused and efficient.

  7. Time Tracking - We will setup a super simple way to track your time on service delivery and other tasks. This is so important to evaluate your pricing as you grow.

  8. Invoicing / Payments - We will setup invoice templates and simplest approach for payments.

  9. Client Management - We will implement a simple system to record discussions and needs for clients and prospects.

  10. Document Management - We will setup a document storage approach that will grow with your business and ensure you will have what you need right at your figure tips.

This program will save you countless hours of frustration and wasted money on technologies that weren’t a fit and didn’t serve your business. You will also have peace of mind that you have systems in place to professionally manage your business.