Raving Fans

It was a fantastic experience and greatly helped me to identify several technologies and opportunities for streamlining of my processes to be more efficient with my time. Given what I’ve already implemented, I’ll save at least 6 hours per month, which translates to money saved from either having to outsource these activities, or sacrifice my coaching time. Mary Sue is smart, savvy, friendly, and really fun to work with. I am already looking forward to our progress check in later this year!
— Chrissy Macken, Founder of Blueprint Green Career & Business Coaching
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Not only does Mary Sue provide high level strategic technique and guidance, she will also dig in and work with the you and your team to deliver. She is a partner, coach, and expert able to do it all while having fun in the process!
— Kate Sanford, Director of Business Operations at WeddingWire
Mary Sue pays great attention to details and never lets problem areas linger. She gets people moving with a smile and humor.
— Mike Foreman, Software Development
Mary Sue drives others to think through the details that will impact the overall success. She is not afraid of asking the tough questions or challenging assumptions. She drives a group toward targeted results.
— Stephanie Weeks, User Experience Design
Mary Sue’s approach was really helpful in identifying actions to streamline our processes and reduce redundancies. Not only was she great to work with, we were able to move quickly on recommendations based on her clear guidance.
— Catherine Muffler, Director of Product Marketing at WeddingWire