You’ve built an awesome business and now it’s time to enjoy it.

Are your systems able to run on auto-pilot?

You business is successful and you have systems and processes, but everything requires YOU to be involved. You feel that all of your time is being eaten up by administrative task. You want more time to grow your business and enjoy the good life, but your current systems are holding you back.

You need an automation and digital tools strategic plan to get all that “adminis-trivia” off your plate and level up your business.

You are in the right place.

Our signature program combines strategy + digital tools + automation.


Phase 1: Design

Stop being busy and work smart. The Digital Operations Intensive evaluates your current systems for managing every aspect of your business from following up after networking to getting payments to serving your clients. You will receive recommendations to fix the gaps and disconnects in your processes that are creating time wasters as well as the right digital tools to streamline your systems.

If you already have digital tools and automation, we will evaluate how well they are working for you. You will receivel recommendations on how to simplify your digital ecoysytem and make the most of your digital investments. This phase is about helping you make an informed, strategic businesses decisions.

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Phase 2: Implement

This is where the magic happens and you see the biggest changes to how you work. We take all the time-consuming and complexity out of implementing new digital tools because we do it for you. We design and build your automations to do all those administrative tasks that were taking up all of your time.

This is an iterative process to roll out new digital tools and automations, which allows you to get comfortable with how things work. We train you on how to use everything and what you need to do to make everything run like clockwork.


Phase 3: Support


We provide on-going support to ensure everything is running smoothly and support the changing needs of your business systems. A business is a living, changing entity. Your systems and digital tools need to evolve with you and we are there to assist you along the journey.

The Work Smarter Digital Experience is right for you if:

We work exclusively with business owners that want more time with loved ones, have a great sense of humor, love animals, and are connoisseurs of the perfect margarita. Their businesses tend to be career or business coaching, creatives, or other business service providers who have things in common.

  • Your business is established with defined processes, but personal productivity isn’t getting you to the next level.

  • You’ve outgrown you sysemts and are looking to digital tools to get work off their plate.

  • You want your processes streamlined and automates to avoid the high cost of hiring by working smarter.

  • You are ambitious. You may be small, but you have big plans for your business.

  • You have a growth-mindset and seek out best practices and better ways to get things done.


The Work Smarter Digital Experience is NOT right for you if:

  • You are looking for a quick fix for cheap.

  • You don’t have time or bandwidth to collaborate on transforming your digital tools & operations.

  • You are opposed to systems and technology all together.


Here is how we can work together:

Our programs are designed for businesses that use very few digital tools to those that want to expand to automating. There is something here for every business. Both programs will :

  • Streamline your systems and leverage digital tools.

  • Reduce your time spent on the adminis-trivia of running a business.

  • Accelerate the growth of your business becuase you will have more time to focus on income producing activitites.

Unleash the Power of Your Digital Tools Program

Our Work Smarter program is for a business owner that doesn’t currently use a lot of digital tools and may be a little light on the systems they follow to manage their business. Learn more about this program.

Get Work Off Your Plate Services

Our Get Work Off Your Plate services are for a business owner that is already leveraging a few digital tools and may have some automation in place. They are looking to move forward faster with automating and looking for additional support. Or they have need guidance and advice on additional wasy to leverage digital tools. Learn more about these services.

Not sure where to start?

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Mary Cravets, Founder of Mary Cravets Coaching & Consulting

Mary Cravets, Founder of Mary Cravets Coaching & Consulting

You will not freaking believe what’s possible when you work with Mary Sue. I’ve gone from being overloaded with manual tasks to having my technology operate as an automated assistant that will do everything I ask it to do. It would have taken me years to figure out what Mary Sue was able to put in place within just a few months.