Your community doesn’t want another mindset or branding speaker.

They want a speaker that will help them GROW their business without breaking the bank or working all the time.

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We all want our businesses to bring in more revenue and profit to their business. Mary Sue Dahill focuses on how to leverage technology and automation to make that possible. The most important resource of a small business is TIME. With more time, we can serve more clients to bring in more revenue. With streamlined, efficient systems, we can retain more profit because we aren’t paying assistants to essentially push paper.

This is productivity with a twist. Mary Sue doesn’t talk about how to be more organized. She invites attendees to think differently about how they get work done and consider the power of digital tools and automation.

This is a topic every small-business community needs. Email Mary Sue to get her booked.

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Get Work Off Your Plate

Automate to Grow & Avoid the High Cost of Hiring

Mary Sue’s signature talk titled “Get Work Off Your Plate” will have you and your community saying:

“Goodbye.” to working harder and long hours.


“Hello!” to working smarter.


Because we have all had too many days like this…

It’s 4:30p, you are tired and just starting the strategic, business-building work on your to-do list. Every day, you are spending most of your time doing administrative tasks to support your business and not enough to grow your business. Don’t let your business own you. You will gain valuable insights into how to leverage digital tools and the impact it could have on your bottom line. Stop wasting your time on administrative work and start spending that time on income-producing activities.

Attendees walk away from this talk with:

  • Opportunities to leverage digital tools and automate tedious administrative tasks.

  • The five essential elements to automate and reclaim time without the high cost and headache of hiring.

  • Finally, two simple but brilliant moves that will create lasting in their business.

I didn’t even know this was possible! I’ve setup Calendly and am amazed by how much time it has saved me.
— Lisa S
I knew my business processes needed an overhaul. We have so many spreadsheets and checklists that we are overwhelmed with the complexity. What Mary Sue shared opened the options to how technology and automation can change all of that.
— Michelle S
My business has been successful for over 10 years, but largely done in person. I’ve been planning on moving and worried about how my business would be able to travel with me. I had delivered my services in-person. After Mary Sue’s talk, I felt empowered to incorporate more technology and make the move.
— Robin G

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