Empower your business community!

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We are passionate about creating kick-ass systems that unchain you from your desk and get you out into the sunlight! KNOW YOUR OPTIONS and stop putting up with the status quo of working crazy hours. That’s why our founder, Mary Sue Dahill, gets out there to spread the word! We want all small-business owners to say goodbye to frenetic action and worry because your business CAN run like clockwork. We want small business owners to be successful and have the time to focus on well, whatever you want!

Our workshops are mind-blowing for small businesses because they think all this is just for the big companies. They simply don’t know about the technologies available to them to make their lives easier. You can catch Mary Sue speaking at these events.

If your community is made up of small businesses, and you want to empower them to be profitable and fulfilled, it is time to talk to us to schedule a workshop.

Don’t let your small-business community go another day without these tools!

Stop wasting time and energy! Automate for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus

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Did you know that growing a business and scaling a business are two completely different things? When you grow, there is just more and more and more to do. When you scale, you are able to take on more work with little or no increase in time and costs.

Scaling is about doing more with less effort, in less time, and with fewer people. It is maximizing the technologies to automate routine activities to support your business. Sounds awesome, right? The system I will share will help business owners generate more freedom, flexibility and focus by automating and delegating.

  • Identify automation opportunities, so you can stop wasting time and energy on tasks that you should get off your plate

  • The five essential elements to automate and scale your business so you can reduce your workload without incurring major hiring costs.

  • Two simple but brilliant moves that will create lasting impact beyond our time together today.