Unleash the Power of Your Digital Tools Program

If you are you using fewer than three digital tools to manage the routine tasks in your business, this is the best place to start.

We have found that jumping from this level of digital tool usage straight to automation is a huge leap and quickly becomes overwhelming, complex, and unworkable.

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“I've saved 15 hours a month! That means more quality time with my family.”

C.Lee Cawley, Simplify You LLC

Leveraging digital tools in your business is an evolution. Starting with the Work Smarter with Digital Tools program, you will get work off your plate, develop your digital mindset, and prepare you for automation.

After this program, you will have the digital tools and confidence to work smarter and a streamlined framework to manage your business operations. You will have more time to focus on growing your business, avoid the high cost of hiring, and enjoy some well-deserved free time.

This program covers the following areas:

  • Foundational digital tools to manage your business.

  • Know-how to use your digital tools to manage your business.

  • Digital tools to manage the common business operations like invoicing, signatures on contracts, streamlining scheduling, keeping track of your tasks, managing your client and mailing list, and many other productivity hacks.

This program uses common digital tools that are low cost including these:

  • GSuite or Office 365 including email, calendar, contacts, forms and tasks

  • Online appointment scheduling

  • HelloSign

  • Square or Wave Financial

You are likely using GSuite or Office 365 already, which means you likely won’t spend more for new digital tools.

In this eight-week program, we start with a one-on-one intensive to get a good understanding of your business, your goals, and challenges. There will be three workshops to show you how to leverage digital tools to manage the administrative aspects of your business. We will support you throughout the program with weekly office hours. Finally, there will be a final session to tailor your digital tools to your business.

This is an incredibly supportive program as you learn how to leverage digital tools to work smarter and ways to make it work in your business.

Intrigued, but not ready to jump in just yet? Schedule a 15-minute complimentary consult.

You know this is what you need and now is the right time to start. This program is piloting at $447 for a limited time.

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