Get work off your plate: Automate.

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Are you tired of all the tedious administrative tasks taking up all of your time?

Running a business is the most rewarding adventure. But admit it, wearing all those hats is exhausting and sometimes overwhelming.

When you started your business, everything was new, exciting, and simple. Now that you’ve grown, things seems like a grind.

To keep up, you are working harder, working more hours, and taking time away from your family, friends, and frankly, yourself.

  • You’re bogged down by tedious admin tasks.

  • You’re apologizing for missed deadlines more than ever.

  • Finding information is a constant struggle because it isn’t all in one place.

You know you need help. Before you go down the costly path of hiring, how about considering whether technology can help you?

Here is the Perfect Technology Action Guide to help you.

You are here because you are looking for a better way to manage your business. This Action Guide was made for you. We know there are a lot of technology options making is overwhelming to select the best solution for your business. This Action Guide will help you select tech that will get work off your plate.


“It was a fantastic experience and greatly helped me to identify several technologies and opportunities for streamlining of my processes to be more efficient with my time. Given what I’ve already implemented, I’ll save at least 6 hours per month, which translates to money saved from either having to outsource these activities, or sacrifice my coaching time. Mary Sue is smart, savvy, friendly, and really fun to work with.”

Chrissy Macken, Founder of Blueprintgreen Career & Business Coaching

Chrissy Macken, Founder of Blueprintgreen Career & Business Coaching


MSD Advisors is regularly interviewed by podcasts about how technology and automation can help small business owners not only grow their business, but enjoy their lives.

MSD Advisors is here to help. We are passionate about setting your business up with kick-ass systems that get work off your plate, so you can focus on growing your business or hiking your favorite trail!

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